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Our treasured equine friends who have crossed the rainbow bridge but who are forever in our hearts...


January, 2010

Magic Maker Mounir  x  Rothlynne Hot Gossip

01/01/2010 - 02/01/2010

Magic Maker Mounir became a Dad for the second time when we welcomed into the world an absolutely exquisite dark bay, Asil, straight Egyptian colt with loads of chrome - and all on New Year's Day!

Named Sabi (which is arabic for youngster or juvenile), this eye-catching young man was set to be a show-stopper and possibly mature to be the stud's resident Junior Stallion, but tragically Sabi was not to see out his second day and the devastating decision to euthanase him was made on the evening of 2nd January, 2010.

Such a great loss of a sensational colt with huge potential and extremely heartbreaking for his dear Mum, Rothlynne Hot Gossip who as usual was a devoted and doting mother.

This brave little man is gone but will live on forever in our hearts.

January, 2010

Monieta 'S' (imp Holland)

A. K. Khattar Moniet (USA)  x  Malika 'S'

02/05/83 - 01/10/05

Photo Credit: Sally Thompson (2002)

We are devastated by the unexpected loss of our very special and irreplaceable 'Monieta S'.  Monnie was lost to us on Saturday 1st October, 2005 and we are not sure if we will ever come to terms with her passing.  We hope that she is now galloping across endless fields - free from pain and full of the spirit that she continuously awed us with in life. 

She will never be far from our hearts and will forever be etched in our minds.  We all believe that her spirit still lingers near her favourite paddock tree and that thought at least brings us some comfort.  Monnie touched our lives and we are all the more rich for being privileged enough to have known her.  Rest in peace our beautiful lady - we miss you....



The Black Magic  x  Sally

06/12/05 - 03/01/06

We were surprised to welcome little Zafirah into the world on 06-12-05. Born to a 25 year old maiden mare who was supposedly infertile, and who had run with a stallion for several years, this little filly was an absolute delight.  Overcoming the most amazing odds time and again, this gorgeous little girl had a heart like a lion and the most phenomenal will to live.  Always actively seeking human contact and cuddles, despite often being very sore, Zafirah reminded us so much of her wonderful sire, "The Black Magic", and his genuine love of people.

We spared no expense in assisting Zafirah in her battle to try to survive despite some seemingly insurmountable obstacles that she bravely and unfalteringly faced on a daily basis.  There were many times when the outcome looked hopeless, yet this little fighter came back from the brink and really showed us what she was made of time and again.

Sadly, we were forced to make the horrendous decision to let our little girl go when a final set of radiographs showed what we had all feared and what no veterinary intervention could treat.

Our little girl tragically passed away in our arms on 03-01-06 and will be sorely missed.  She took with her a substantial part of our hearts and left us in awe of her bravery and her astounding ability to forgive.

Her ashes have been returned to us in a beautiful rosewood box (thank you to Lawnswood Pet Crematorium and to Clancy for suggesting them) and are accompanied by a lock of her mane thoughtfully presented to us by the very empathetic Bec from Belvoir Equine Clinic. 

Thanks must also go to Kiley Galbraith for all of the care and attention that she gave this little filly while work dictated that we could not.  Your genuine love for Zafirah and the things that you did for her and us (which were so over and above what was ever expected) will never be forgotten. We are indebted to you forever and look forward to many years of continued friendship in the hope that some day we may be in a position to somehow repay the favour.

Thanks must also go to Fiona (& Jilly), Chris, Emma, Clancy, Bec, Ashton and Dani from Belvoir Equine Clinic - for putting up with a difficult client and for the awesome care provided for the gruelling four weeks of Zafirah's intensive treatment.  We are very sorry that the outcome could not have been better as a reward for all of your hard work.



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